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At first glance, you may be hesitant to use just egg in your baking recipes. After all, eggs are a key ingredient in many favorite baked goodies, from cakes and cookies to muffins and more. But the good news is that Just Egg — an egg-free alternative made from mung beans — can make an excellent substitute in a wide variety of baking recipes.

Just Egg has great textural properties similar to regular eggs and performs similarly when used both as a binding agent or emulsifier. This makes it perfectly suited for nearly any baking recipe that calls for eggs. And not only does it work just as well functionally in these recipes; its light yellowish color won’t affect the aesthetics of your finished product either!

Plus, if nutrition is a factor for you or anyone partaking in what you bake, there’s some good news here. Just Egg gives them more balanced nutrition than regular eggs: one serving contains only 70 calories compared to 80–90 calories per large whole egg and packs 4 grams of plants protein versus only 6 grams of animal-based protein per whole large egg.. Plus it’s vegan!

Overall, by replacing regular eggs with Just Egg in your favorite baked delicacies you can enjoy treats that look and taste great while still offering improved nutritional value over their traditional counterparts—just be sure to stick closely with measurements listed on the package when making substitutions within specific recipes to ensure desirable results!

What recipes can be made with Just Egg?

If you're looking for a vegan-friendly alternative to eggs, look no further than Just Egg, a plant-based egg replacement made from mung beans. Not only is it virtually indistinguishable from the animal counterpart in both taste and texture – it's also packed with protein and vitamins! Plus, its easy to use and scrambles nearly identical to regular eggs.

For those of us who want to kick up our vegan meal game with something new and creative, this healthy egg replacer is definitely worth considering. Take a look at these recipes you can make with Just Egg:

•Southwestern Tofu Scramble Wrap: Start your day off right with this delicious wrap filled with lightly seasoned scrambled tofu and flavorsome veggies like peppers, onions, tomatoes, corn kernels, black beans & mushrooms all mixed together in a creamy flavorful sauce. Serve it on your favorite wrap or over toast for an even more filling breakfast experience!

•Vegetable Pancakes: Swap out real eggs for veggie pancakes instead! These pancakes are made using chickpea flour (or any gluten-free flour) mixed with Just Egg plus chopped vegetables like zucchini & carrots for added nutrition & flavor. Top them off however you'd like – whether that's spread some almond butter & drizzle honey on top or douse them generously in pure maple syrup – they'll be an instant hit among family members of all ages!

Mushroom Omelet: Who said omelets had to be boring? Whip up this tasty mushroom omelet using fresh mushrooms sautéed in olive oil along with finely chopped greens like spinach or kale then roll everything into an incredibly fluffy creation fueled by the protein power of Just Egg. Serve as is or pair it alongside toast & avocado wedges if so desired — either way your tastebuds will thank you!

•Vegan French Toast Sticks: Breakfast doesn't get much easier than this! Make vegan french toast sticks by dipping thick slices of bread into a combination of plant milk + Just Egg then bake in the oven until golden brown & crispy on the outside yet soft inside — adding cinnamon sugar before baking takes these babies over the edge deliciousness wise!. Add a dollop of coconut yogurt & drizzle some melted chocolate chips over them if desired before serving — now that's decadent breakfast perfection

Does Just Egg work as a substitute for regular eggs in baking recipes?

When it comes to baking, eggs are an important ingredient in almost all recipes, but if you’re looking for a vegan alternative to eggs then Just Egg could be the perfect option. Just Egg is a vegan egg substitute made from mung bean protein isolate and contains most of the same properties as regular eggs.

So does Just Egg work as a substitute for regular eggs in baking recipes? The short answer is yes. Just Egg can be used to make cakes, muffins, pies and more! As with any recipe that uses a vegan egg substitute, however, there are some modifications you will need to make in order to ensure your baked goods turn out perfectly. Here are some tips for when you’re using Just Egg in place of regular eggs:

- Reduce the amount of liquid called for in your recipe by 25-30% -Just Eggs have less moisture than regular eggs so this will help keep your bakery items from becoming too soggy or sticky.

- Increase the amount fat (like oil or butter) called for by 20-25%. Fat helps provide structure and stability and acts as glue during baking which is why adding extra fat can help bake items rise better and stay together better with vegan substitutes like Just Egg instead of containing real egg.

- You may also want to reduce oven temperature by 25°F/10°C so that baked goods don’t overcook before their centers are done cooking through completely. This is because vegan egg substitutes tend not to trap heat from the oven quite like traditional egg does due its higher moisture content so it won't brown quite as quickly on top.

Overall because of these simple adjustments you can still enjoy your favorite baked recipes even if they call for real eggs just with a little bit different technique to get them perfect! So go ahead and start baking away knowing that there's an awesome plant based substitute out there now available making it easier than ever

Can Just Egg be used in cake recipes?

Most people assume that Just Egg is only suitable for making breakfast dishes and omelets, however you can actually use the Just Egg vegan egg replacer in a variety of recipes, including cake. This versatile product is an excellent addition to vegan recipes because it helps bind ingredients together like traditional eggs do.

Just Egg is made primarily from mung beans and has a slightly different texture than regular eggs, but it works well as a cake binder with some simple adaptation. To make plant-based cakes with Just Egg, begin by replacing the eggs called for in your favorite recipe with JUST EGG EQUIVALENT: 2 tbsp of JUST EGG whisked together with 4 tbsp water equals one egg. The type of liquid called for in the recipe can also be replaced by an equal amount of JUST EGG (1/4 cup) should the recipe call for that liquid instead of using oil or butter etc).

When using Just Egg as an egg replacer in baking cakes and other treats like muffins or brownies, be sure to add a bit more baking powder or baking soda than usual as mung beans provide more leavening action than eggs do. If you find your batter to be too heavy after adding leavening agents you can always add some extra non-dairy milk to lighten it up! And if your cake ends up coming out dense know that this could be due to not having enough air incorporated when mixing the batter (say by beating extra air into melted vegan butter).

Overall True Eggs\'s egg replacement — made from plants — allows virtually anyone following plant-based diets could enjoy scrumptious vegan cakes without sacrificing flavor or texture! Try out YOUR FAVOURITE CAKE RECIPE WITH JUST EGG today and enjoy delicious results every time.

Does Just Egg have a different consistency than regular eggs when baking?

Baking with vegan egg substitutes like Just Egg can open up a wealth of delicious possibilities that are perfect for vegans, vegetarians and flexitarians. But there’s one important thing to remember—these vegan egg products have a different consistency than regular eggs when baking.

Just Egg (made from mung bean protein) has been designed as an egg replacement and works great as an add-in to omelettes and scrambles. But its texture is also soft and creamy making it ideal for baking too, however it won’t give you the same results as using regular eggs in recipes. That's because Just Egg is much thinner than raw eggs, having more of a juice-like consistency compared to the thicker egg white from raw eggs - think of pouring out orange juice compared to cracking an egg!

That being said, Just Egg does work great in some baked goods like breads, pancakes and even French toast. Try adding just 1/4 cup of Just Egg instead of a single large egg so that you don't overly thin the recipe mix – this should give you good results when making cakes or muffins.

But swapping out real eggs for several tablespoons or more can lead to drier cakes or dense muffins since there isn't enough fat present in the liquid form of Just Egg – so bear this in mind if you're aiming for light fluffy bakes with your vegan alternatives!

Are the measurements for Just Egg the same as those for regular eggs in baking recipes?

When baking with eggs, the measurements for regular eggs and Just Egg (a vegan egg alternative made from mung bean) are not always the same. Just Egg is designed to act as a substitute for regular eggs in recipes, however its texture and properties differ slightly from those of traditional eggs.

For most baking recipes that call for a single large egg, as well as many baked goods that use two or more large eggs, you can simply swap out regular shells or liquid beaten egg whites with an equivalent amount of Just Egg. Generally speaking it's best to use either 2 tablespoons of the liquid / beaten product when using the pourable pre-cooked version of Just Egg or 1/4 cup if using the powdered mix version to replace one large standard chicken egg. Depending on the recipe, you may also need to add additional moisture or fat such as oil or butter since vegan alternatives lack some of these components found in traditional egg products.

However keep in mind that while most basic measurements work well when replacing one standard stepwise sized chicken hen's egg with quick cooking poreable pre-cooked non-frozen vegan Just Egg - it may not always be wise to assume portion amounts between plant based Vegan substitutes & real farm fresh fowl eggs will be limitedly exchangeable 1:1 across all cookbooks & types of desserts easily - often requiring adjustments if needed especially when relying upon cookbook focused entirely upon classic culinary tradition recipes calling for tedious specific weights tailored finely tuned our everyday supper panels familiar family dinner dishes often maintained ancient trusty old closely followed aging cookbooks! In other words, buttermilk batters cakes cakes wont "reflow" phyllo doughs too thickly whisk meringues overly airtight souffle additions they can all due too heaviness so you must here&there fine tweak your strategies accordingly Perhaps next time don't let em know ;)

Is Just Egg a suitable alternative to regular eggs in baking recipes?

Yes, Just Egg is a suitable alternative to regular eggs in baking recipes. Just Egg is made from mung beans and contains many of the same nutrients found in regular eggs, including proteins, vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. It also contains dietary fiber which provides extra nutrition not present in traditional eggs. Just Egg works well in most baking recipes and can be used as a direct substitute for regular egg when cooking or baking.

In comparison to other plant-based egg substitutes such as aquafaba or flax seeds with water, the advantage of Just Egg is that it has a similar consistency to real egg which makes it easier to use when baking cakes, cookies or muffins. Also compared with chia seeds and psyllium husk powder both require additional liquid ingredients for them to thicken so using Just Egg gives you more convenience when you want great results without any added effort.

Just Eggs has also been awarded certification from Australian Certified Organic (ACO) which means it meets their strict standards of sustainable farming without any genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This ensures that all ingredients are non-GMO so if this important criteria matters to you then choosing just egg will be the right choice for your recipe needs.

Overall just egg offers those who prefer plant-based proteins with a great alternative usage experience akin to normal eggs physically as well nutritionally speaking but comes with none of the ethical concerns associated with traditional animal products so overall its an excellent choice especially if organic certification is sought after too!

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