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If you have been wondering whether the popular restaurant chain, O’Charley’s, is offering their delicious pies for free on Wednesdays then your search is over. The answer is yes, they do have a Free Pie Wednesday special! Even better – until the end of December 2020, they are doubling down on this already great offering and giving customers two free classic pies all day long every Wednesday.

This offer is valid with any adult entree purchase and can be enjoyed as tasty slices of mouth-watering apple pie and rich, decadent pecan pie. Perfect for those days when you need just a bit more sweet indulgence in your life or for those who want to treat friends or family to something special to make their day. And it doesn’t stop with these two delicious pies either – O’Charley’s also offers special melon treats such as the southern comfort melon margarita or a classic summertime favorite – cantaloupe margaritas.

The deal does come with a few limitations though - there is a limit of one slice per person (no sharing!) and if you want both pies then you must purchase two entrees. This offer is only available with dine-in orders at participating locations so it may be best to call ahead before making your way in so that you can double check whether the restaurant nearest you is offering the promotion.

So now that you know the answer - why not start planning your Wednesday night dinners at O'Charleys? With all of these amazing offers and specials, this popular restaurant chain might be becoming one of your favorite weekly foodie events!

Does O'Charley's offer a discount on pie on Wednesdays?

At O’Charley’s, you can enjoy delicious sweet treats any time of week. But, if you’re planning on visiting O’Charley’s on a Wednesday, you can make the most of your visit and indulge in some delectable pie. That’s right, this delicious restaurant chain offers a discount on pie every Wednesday, making it the perfect treat after a busy workday or as an added bonus to a festive family outing.

The discount on pies at O'Charley's isn't just limited to one flavor either – diced-fruit pies such as apple or peach, mile-high chocolate mousse and creamy coconut cream creations are just some of the options guests can choose from at their local restaurant or order online. Even if you don't want an actual slice of pie but still want a sweet treat; customers can enjoy crumble crisps and mini skillets for even more savings.

So, does O'Charley's offer a discount on pie on Wednesdays? Absolutely! Every Wednesday customers can save big when they fill their table with sweets from this much-loved American favorite. Whether you're gathering around the table with friends or family or just treating yourself solo, the discounted pies from O'Charley's offer something for everyone – plus big savings too! And don't forget about adding in some mini skillets for even more decadence without breaking into your wallet!

Does O'Charley's have a special deal on pie on Wednesdays?

O'Charley's is a well-known restaurant chain, known for its delicious comfort food, hearty portions, and generous specials. When it comes to dessert, O'Charley's loves to treat their customer's sweet tooth by offering delicious options like classic apple pie and strawberry rhubarb crumble. Many diners may know that every Wednesday O’ Charley’s offers a “Pie on Wednesdays” special. With this deal, customers can get a slice of pie free with the purchase of an entree.

This offer is available all day at participating locations nationwide. A great way to take advantage of this special is to bring your family or friends and make it an outing! It’s perfect for treating yourself after a long work week or enjoying a celebratory dinner with those you love. Not only can you get a totally free slice of pie with your meal, but O'Charley's also offers delicious upgrades like warm caramel apple topping and creamy vanilla ice cream for added sweetness and indulgence.

So if you're looking for a way to top off your meal in style without breaking the bank, then look no further than O'Charley's Pie on Wednesdays offer! You can treat yourself with great comfort food at a delicious price without fail!

Does O'Charley's serve free pie on Wednesdays?

Yes, O'Charley's does indeed serve free pie on Wednesdays! This is a favorite promotion of theirs that has been loved by their customers for years and continues to bring in regulars on the weekday. With their ‘Free Pie Wednesday’ promotion, you get one free slice of classic O’Charley's pie per order of an entrée. The classic varieties available for this promotion include Dutch Apple, Brown Sugar Pecan, Strawberry Rhubarb, and Classic Southern Sour Cream.

Not only are the pies absolutely delicious and made with fresh ingredients and recipes developed in-house, but they can be even better if you indulge in some add-ons such as extra ice cream scoops or add a drizzle of caramel on top. Making sure that everyone can enjoy this treat on Wednesdays, O’Charley’s offers gluten free options for their free pie decorations as well.

The ‘Free Pie Wednesday’ at O’Charley’s is definitely a treat you won't want to miss! Not only does it provide an opportunity to get your sweet tooth some satisfaction after dinner but it also is an occasion to socialize with friends or family over a shared dessert or just grab a slice to have at home. It's one way they put a unique twist on the traditional dinner out while still staying true to their southern charming flare.

Is O'Charley's offering free pie on Wednesdays?

It's no secret that dessert pies are a favorite among diners, but is O'Charley's offering free pie on Wednesdays? It appears that the answer is yes! This classic American restaurant chain offers its customers an amazing deal: get a free slice of classic apple or homemade pecan pie each Wednesday with an entree purchase. Not only does this offer provide a delicious treat for diners - it also gives customers extra incentive to visit the chain on Wednesdays for lunch or dinner.

The deal applies to both dine-in and pickup orders at participating locations, where individual local restrictions may apply. Customers simply need to order an entree and ask their server if they qualify for the free sweet treat. For those wanting more than one slice of pie, O’Charley’s also offers “pie meals” which combine your favorite entrée with a full classic apple or homemade pecan pie.

Overall, it’s clear that O’Charley’s has provided yet another great offer for its customers - free pie on Wednesday! Whether you prefer classic apple or homemade pecan (or both!), you’ll have an extra opportunity to enjoy this particular indulgence each week thanks to this sweet deal from O'Charley's.

Is O'Charley's giving out free slices of pie on Wednesdays?

The answer is both yes, and no. O’Charley’s does have a program in place with their O’Club which gives members access to free slices of pie on Wednesdays. With the ‘Pie of the Month’ offer, redeemable with any dine-in purchase on Wednesdays, members get a free slice of the featured monthly flavor.

However, it is not an all encompassing ‘Free Pie Wednesday’ deal. To the average diner who is not an O’Club member, they will not be able to take advantage of the ‘free pie’ perk each week. But that doesn't mean all hope is lost! O'Charley's runs various daily specials, such as ‘Kids Eat Free Tuesdays’, ‘Trios To-Go on Fridays” and more. So even if you can't get a free slice of pie from O'Charleys on Wednesday's you could take advantage of one of their other great deals.

At the end of the day the answer to whether or not O'Charley's giving out free slices of pie on Wednesdays really depends on whether you are a member of their program or not. But members aside there are still plenty of great food specials available for those who might have their heart set a piece (or two) of delicious pie at O'Charley's on Wednesday's!

Does O'Charley's give away free pie on Wednesdays?

The question of whether O’Charley’s gives away free pie on Wednesdays is often asked by diners and fans of the popular chain restaurant. The answer is not a definitive “yes” or “no,” as it depends on how you interpret the meaning of “free.”

O’Charley’s offers an attractive loyalty program that rewards its customers with free meals and treats on their birthdays, along with special discounts throughout the year. Occasionally, the promotion includes a free slice of delicious pie on Wednesdays. However, in order to redeem this reward, patrons need to be members of the restaurant's loyalty program. So while it's technically not completely "free," members do still get a slice of pie at no cost every once in a while.

To summarize, O'Charley's does not give away free pie every Wednesday; however, by joining their loyalty program you can take advantage of opportunities to get a piece any given Wednesday—and enjoy other rewards as well! In light of this, if you love their pies and want to get your hands on them for free more regularly then joining the restaurant's rewards program could be the best way to go about it.

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