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If you're wondering how to get 7km eggs in Pokemon Go, the Easter Egg hunt event is your best bet! During this event, an increased number of eggs are available to collect from PokéStops and Gyms. Unlike 2km, 5km and 10km eggs, which can hatch almost any species of Pokémon, the 7km egg will only give you Generation 2 baby Pokémon.

As a part of the Easter Eggstravaganza event which ran in April 2020 (one year after the game's initial release), Niantic offered special rewards for players that collected over 7 km during their travels. If you're still active on Pokemon Go now then you can participate in every upcoming Easter Eggstravaganza theme as well! Also note that unlike most other egg cycles these eggs only become available directly from PokéStops during specific events or when participating in global challenges such as Meltan turn arounds.

The trick is to keep an eye out for available events that might have special rewards advertised on their websites or through notifications sent out globally to all users. Besides picking up 7 km eggs from gyms and pokestops there are other ways too - daily field research tasks will sometimes reward rare7 km eggs with Eevee or any new baby pokemon hatching from them. So make sure you accumulate enough research task stamps each day for more chances getting them as rewards!

How to hatch 7km eggs in Pokemon Go?

Hatching 7km eggs in Pokemon Go can be tricky, but with some knowledge and a lot of patience, it’s possible to get some rare and powerful Pokémon from these eggs. Here are the steps for hatching 7km eggs in Pokemon Go:

1. First, you need to find a 7km egg. You can obtain these by spinning photo disc stops at PokeStops or buy them directly from other players or the in-game shop. Make sure to keep your eye out for special events that offer extra bonuses such as double Hatch XP!

2. Once you have an egg, set it incubating by tapping on it in your inventory and then choosing the “Set Incubator” option. This will add the egg to one of your active incubators. The egg will then start its countdown to hatching once you reach the required distance (7 kilometers). You can check your progress by selecting it again from inventory which will display a bar showing how far you still have left until completion!

3. As you travel, try to make sure that most of it is either walking or cycling distance – this will help contribute much more towards the goal than driving or taking other forms of transport! Make sure not to put any activity tracking functions on while running as this may cause higher readings which won't count towards progress if they are too high (meaning a high-speed car drive could potentially waste all your efforts!). To aid hatch rate even further try keeping the game open while doing activities this way any minor movements such as taking steps with walking/cycling still get tracked correctly and added up much quicker than normal!.

4. When finally close enough hatching time should be imminent – now all that's left is waiting for those last few meters of distance before finally being able to pop open that egg and see what prize lies within! With luck, you might find something really special… Good luck out there Trainer \o/

How to get 7km eggs in Pokemon Go?

With the recent release of the "Adventure Sync" feature on Pokemon Go, getting 7km eggs has become much easier. Adventure Sync allows you to sync your real-world walking activity with Pokemon Go and receive rewards for it—including 7km eggs.

In order to get a 7km egg, you'll need to first activate Adventure Sync in the game's options menu. Once activated, make sure that you are giving Pokemon Go permission to access your location and Google account or Apple Health (depending on what type of device you have). This will allow it to track your steps and count them towards rewards.

Once linked up, walk at least 5 km in a week and open up the Eggs section in your bag. You should find a 7km egg among them! Keep walking each week as long as you want new eggs; many players have hatched dozens just by taking routine walks around their neighborhoods or workplaces! Just remember: keep an eye out for any special events in-game such as Community Days or hatchathons that can increase your odds of hatching those adorable little monsters even more!

What Pokemon can be found in 7km eggs in Pokemon Go?

If you are an avid Pokemon Go player, then you're more than likely familiar with the 7km eggs. These peculiar egg-shaped containers house some rare and special Pokemon that can be hatched by walking seven kilometers in game. But exactly which pocket monsters can be found in 7km eggs? Let’s take a look!

First off, there are the two region-level exclusive Pokemon — Mr. Mime (Europe) and Farfetch'd (Asia). Both of these highly sought after Generation 1 creatures can only hatch from 7km eggs and require many hours of walking to get them out. Other interesting choices include Trubbish, Karrablast, Shelmet, Genesect (if lucky enough to catch him as a raid reward beforehand) and Rufflet who is currently only available via hatching 7km eggs until further notice. Finally we have the assorted baby forms of various different species like Exeggcute into Exeggutor or Togepi evolving into Togetic which also require a good bit of walking through that jogging stroller mileage if one hopes to complete their collection of such evolutions line!

So if you’ve been tirelessly huffing up those 3 ½ miles on your phone in search for something special from within those mysterious little capsules on Pokestops around town – fingers crossed it’s one of these fantastic pocket monsters awaiting you inside! Good luck trainers – may your hunt for pokemon become more successful as we explore every nooks and crannies Pokémon GO has to offer us this year!

How do I increase the chances of getting 7km eggs in Pokemon Go?

If you're looking to increase your chances of getting 7km eggs in Pokemon Go, then it's important to understand the type of egg that you'll be receiving. All 7km eggs come from PokeStops, which means that you'll want to make sure that you're visiting as many as possible. It's also important to note the rarity and quality of different PokeStops; some are more likely to offer better rewards than others.

To further increase your chances of getting 7km eggs, it's useful to spin Pokestops with a Lucky Egg active. When this is active, all experienced earned (including egg drops) will be doubled - these can stack with other modifiers such as radial distance or weather bonuses too! Additionally, consider completing tasks such as Super Incubator or Starpiece tasks in order to receive powerful rewards like 7k eggs!

Last but not least, make sure that your Egg Storage is empty when going out - this way catch chances are more likely considering the odds will reset after obtaining each egg item..

In summary: Visit many PokeStops for higher chance for 6-7 km Eggs; great stops offer better items so rotate those frequently; spin those stops with Lucky Eggs active (for double experience gain), complete tasks like Super Incubators and Starpieces for even better rewards and above all else ensure storage slots are cleared before heading out so each egg drop resets catch bonus accordingly... good luck!

How often do 7km eggs appear in Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go players all over the world are wondering how often 7km eggs appear in the popular mobile game. It's a great question, as 7km eggs offer some of the game’s rarest and most desirable rewards. The answer, however, isn't straightforward.

Unlike regular 2km and 10km eggs, which can be found more often at PokeStops or Gifts with relative frequency, 7km eggs are far harder to come by in Pokemon Go. From time to time developers Niantic may run events that make these special eggs more common than usual — such as during Easter or Christmas — but generally they remain quite rare. As a result of this limited availability you migh never get much higher than one or two at any given time from PokeStop spawns or gifts received from friends — if you're lucky!

The most reliable way of acquiring 6-7 km eggswould be via field research tasks rewarded through PokeStops and gyms - specifically tasks related to hatching an egg for example - though there is no guarantee that these will always offer higher tier eggs either! However, it should be noted that various Legendary Pokemon can only be obtained from higher tier eggs so if this is your goal then trying your luck with field research could potentially lead to success!

Ultimately whether you come across a 7 km egg in Pokemon Go will largely depend on luck; however perseverance could also have its rewards down the line too!!

How many PokeStops are required for a 7km egg in Pokemon Go?

Earning an egg with seven kilometers of travel required can take some dedication in Pokemon Go. Players have discovered that it takes at least 40 PokeStops to hatch a 7km egg. That’s 40 steps of traveling without encountering any obstacles or distractions!

Players need to make sure that they hit all the stops needed for their 7km egg, as some players have reported having to go from bank to bank multiple times before their precious reward pops out. Each time a player visits a Pokémon Stop, items such as potions and Poké Balls can be obtained, so this may help offset the long journey for those aiming for the coveted 7k egg!

To maximize efficiency when hatching eggs, players should plan out their route before starting the journey and use incense and lucky eggs (another type of item obtainable through Poke Stops) if possible. This way they might even be able to capture additional Pokémon during the traveling process while they await their rewarded dish!

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