Who Sells Jalapeno Poppers Fast Food?

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Posted Jan 19, 2023

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Jalapeno poppers—and their piquant kick—have been a popular fast food item for decades. As one of the top choices for deliverable spicy snacks, it’s no surprise that several chains now offer these tasty treats.

Frisch’s Big Boy, an American restaurant chain and home to the famous Big Boy sandwich, offers jalapeno poppers you can take out to-go. Further their ‘Big Boy Basket’ entree option includes three jalapeno poppers with every order. The poppers are made with cream cheese and cheddar Jack cheese then deep-fried and served with ranch dressing and Louisiana hot sauce for dipping.

Sonic Drive-In is another go-to for purchasing jalapeno poppers. Their savory twist transforms the classic appetizer into a creative sandwich amalgamation; you can get them attached to Sliders or as part of the chain’s Hot-N-Spicy Bacon Burger. The jalapeno popper bites are cream cheese filled and served atop pastrami with lettuce, tomatoes, onion strings, ranch dressing and melted pepperjack cheese

KFC is also in the mix, offering up a uniquely Southern adaptation of jalapeno poppers—the Poppin’ Chicken Popper Bites, which feature shredded chicken blended with cream cheese in a flavorful popable popper form. The bites are then deep fried and come served with not one but two dipping sauces—a smoky BBQ ranch sauce and a creamy buttermilk ranch sauce meant to compliment the spice of the dish.

Whether you choose Frisch’s Big Boy’s classic take on jalepano poppers or Sonic Drive-In’s sandwich combo creations or KFC’s inventive bites; there is certainly something scrumptious on each menu to please your palate!

What restaurant serves jalapeno poppers quickly?

If you're looking for an excellent jalapeno popper experience -- and you need it fast -- consider stopping in at your local fast-food chain. Most of these places are sure to include an appetizer option for those who like to spice things up. As a bonus, these restaurants will typically make the jalapeno poppers quickly and efficiently so that you can get your dinner on the table as soon as possible.

Among some of the top places to try are Burger King, Checkers, and Sonic Drive-In. When you visit Burger King, check out their signature “Jalapeno Whopper” - it’s amazing! Checkers offer smaller individual sizes with a light mild flavor that's perfect for those who don't want the intense jalapeno taste. Sonic Drive-In whips up some of their famous jalapeno poppers that come with a side of ranch dressing - try this pairing next time you visit!

When it comes to fast food, you don't have to sacrifice flavor or quality in order to get your meal quickly. With options like these, you can enjoy delicious jalapeno poppers any time day or night - no matter how rushed your schedule is!

What type of fast food places offer jalapeno poppers?

Jalapeno poppers are a spicy, cheesy snack that have quickly become a go-to guilty pleasure for many. Did you know that fast food places actually offer jalapeno poppers? Yes! Here is a list of the top fast food places offering jalapeno poppers that you may not have expected.

McDonald’s is the first place on the list. Although famous for their burgers, they also serve jalapeno poppers as part of their snack menu in some locations. They are crunchy and loaded with a cream cheese filling.

Taco Bell provides customers with their signature jalapeno dippers. While it may not be made of actual popper, it does include diced jalapenos, creamy cheese sauce and three-leaning breaded crust stuffed with cheese - all in one tasty bite.

Popeyes also popularly serves their share of spicy treats - including poppin’ jalapeno bites. It includes nicely battered exterior filled with cream cheese and diced chillies for some added spice.

These are the three most well known fast food restaurants offering up the classic snack of jalapeño poppers. If you love your heat or looking for something new to try while you grab your favorite takeaway dish, these places can happily deliver!

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