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Jersey Mike's is a popular chain sandwich shop known for its fresh-sliced deli sandwiches. While their primary focus is on their sub sandwiches, many people wonder if they offer salads? The answer is yes!

Jersey Mike’s offers an expansive selection of salads that are sure to please any palate. On the menu you will find classic subs transformed into a salad in the form of The Original Italian, Big Kahuna, Club Supreme and Veggie-Cheese. Moreover, patrons can create their own custom salads with some protein insight options of grilled chicken, steak or shrimp. All salads are served with greens and crisp veggies such as red onion and peppers—all chopped fresh to order.

The salad selection at Jersey Mike’s isn’t limited to subs either. Customers can also build a bowl of delicious Southwest chicken with grilled chicken, black beans and roasted corn or try one of their signature lunchtime soups like Chicken Tortilla Soup or Lobster Bisque Soup—all prepared daily in an open kitchen with responsible sourcing practices. Regardless if looking for lighter fare or something more hearty, Jersey Mike's has meal options that cover all bases.

By making salads a part of the menu, Jersey Mike’s shows how firmly rooted it is in the fast-casual foodservice industry--offering customers convenience coupled with healthful choices. So when it comes to finding delicious sandwich alternatives that won't break the bank nor make you feel guilty afterwards, look no further than Jersey Mike's!

Does Jersey Mike's sell wraps?

Yes, Jersey Mike's does sell wraps! The popular sandwich shop is known for its fresh ingredients and delicious subs, but the menu options don't stop there. Jersey Mike's offers sandwiches in the form of wraps too, so you can still enjoy their flavors in a healthier alternative.

Wraps at Jersey Mike's come in varieties like Teriyaki Chicken, Crispy Chicken Caesar and Classic BLT. Each one is made with a unique combination of veggies, proteins and creamy sauces that are sure to please any appetite. The wraps are made with a wheat wrap option for added nutrition and flavor. Plus it’s just as hearty and filling as any of the classic subs on the menu!

If you’re looking for an alternative to eating the hoagie or sub sandwich at Jersey Mike’s, the wrap options offer a convenient way to please your taste buds without overloading on carbs. And even better – all wraps come with signature chips and pickle spear included in your order so there’s no need to worry about what sides to choose! So if you want something healthy but still delicious (and full of flavor!), choose one of the wrap options during your next visit to Jersey Mike's.

Does Jersey Mike's serve vegetarian options?

Yes, Jersey Mike's does serve vegetarian options! The popular sandwich chain offers customers several items on its menu to satisfy a variety of dietary preferences. Whether you’re looking for a hearty meal or something lighter, Jersey Mike’s has something for everyone.

The first vegetarian option is the Veggie Supreme sub. This sandwich is stacked with over-stuffed toppings like lettuce, onions, peppers, tomatoes and pickles. Those who prefer something lighter may opt for a garden salad or wrap filled with fresh vegetables. For a snack-style option, try the green apple chips – made with apples and sea salt for a simple yet delicious treat.

Depending on where you dine, additional vegetarian options may be available from Jersey Mike’s secret menu! If it’s available at your local restaurant, order the Mediterranean wrap – this recipe features an olive tapenade spread and is chock full of veggies like cucumbers and red onions. Vegans should steer away from the garden salad as it comes with cheese as an optional topping – but still can enjoy several menu items thanks to its myriad of flavors!

Each customer will find something that satisfies their tastes at this sandwich shop since it provides vegetarian selections that can be tailored for all palates and dietary restrictions. Stop by your local Jersey Mike’s today to enjoy some tasty food that everyone can agree upon!

Does Jersey Mike's have sandwiches with gluten-free bread?

Yes, Jersey Mike's does have sandwiches with gluten free bread! This welcomes those with dietary restrictions into the fold and puts them on the same footing as someone who is not gluten or wheat sensitive. For those wanting to indulge in a flavorful sandwich, Jersey Mike's offers a tasty selection of gluten-free sandwiches with freshly-baked bread that easily rivals traditional offerings!

Most locations carry Udi’s Gluten Free White Sandwich Bread. After confirming this, you can pick from any of the regular sandwiches off their menu and ask for the “Gigantic Jerusalem” which is made with Udi’s bread. The Big Kahuna Chicken Salad is also a popular gluten-free choice, as well as The American Classic, Club Supreme and Veggie cheesesteak.

For custom orders, be sure to speak up and clarify what items you want on your sandwich such as lettuce, tomato and cheese. If you want to switch out certain sauces on your sandwich like mayo or ranch dressing; make sure it is marked down clearly so you receive a sandwich that adheres to your dietary stance.

This enables customers to enjoy freely without feeling guilty because they can be assured that their meal is fresh and safe from gluten contamination. The roasted meats and zesty options will leave you wondering why you ever had doubts about going gluten-free in the first place!

Are there any vegan options at Jersey Mike's?

Jersey Mike’s is a well-known chain of sub and sandwich shops, but did you know that there are a few vegan options available? With veganism on the rise in recent years, many restaurants are expanding their menus to include more plant-based meals. Jersey Mike’s is no exception.

The vegan subs at Jersey Mike’s include their Veggie Cheese and Vegan Beef varieties. The Veggie Cheese sub starts with a bed of fresh lettuce and tomato and is topped with melted vegan cheese and your choice of onions, green peppers, mushrooms or banana peppers for additional flavor. The Vegan Beef variety spins the traditional steak sub on its head. This version mixes shredded seitan (wheat gluten) seasoned with an umami-rich mix of herbs and spices that mimic the taste of steak. Both subs can be served grilled or cold, with an array of complimentary sauces, juices, oils and vinegars available to add to it.

In addition to these two subs, all Jersey Mike’s locations offer an array of sides that are suitable for vegans as well: chips, pickles, olives and pepperoncinis all make great additions to these meals! If you want something a bit lighter, try one of their salads made with organic greens like spinach or kale served with tasty toppings like sunflower seeds, dried cranberries and apples; this one can easily be made vegan by requesting no cheese or meat added. All in all, if you’re looking for delicious vegan options at Jersey Mike’s then you won't be disappointed – there are plenty to choose from!

Does Jersey Mike's offer delivery?

Many people love Jersey Mike's subs, but an even larger group of people would love to get that experience delivered right to their door. The answer to the question of whether or not Jersey Mike's offers delivery is “it depends.” Some locations may offer delivery options, while others don't. Although there is no set policy for delivery across all stores, generally if you order online or over the phone and at certain times, delivery may be available.

Orders through third-party services like Grubhub and DoorDash are also becoming increasingly common at Jersey Mike’s locations. Many locations have become integrated with these food ordering platforms, allowing customers to place orders from their computers or phones for pickup and/or delivery. Customers can also save time by ordering ahead for in-store pickup through the app as well.

Ultimately when it comes to delivery you’ll need to check with your local store for availability and options. However, with the growing trend of third-party delivery services as well as online ordering directly from the store more and more Jersey Mike’s locations are offering a variety of convenient ways to get dinner on the table quickly and easily!

Does Jersey Mike's have a catering menu?

Jersey Mike's Subs is one of America's favorite quick-service sandwich chains, with locations in all 50 states and 17 countries around the world. But does this iconic eatery offer catering services? The answer is yes.

Jersey Mike’s offers a great catering menu for large groups or special events. Large subs are available with a variety of toppings such as sliced onions, lettuce, tomatoes and cheese. You can also get your favorite subs cut into smaller portions, perfect for nibbling on at cocktail hours or passing around at team meetings. They also offer a wide selection of sides to complement your meal including potato chips, pickles and olives.

If you’re having a special occasion, Jersey Mike’s can be the perfect accompaniment to elevate the event. Mega party platters offer an extensive range of options including cold sandwiches that are crafted according to your preference and freshly baked cookies that are sure to delight everyone in attendance. For those looking for more creative displays and options they offer box lunches that give more substantial choices per person, with each box containing a drink, chips and desserts along with the sandwich selection.

So whatever your needs may be – whether it’s subs or sides for an informal gathering or an elaborate spread for a high-end event – Jersey Mike’s has something to please everyone’s taste buds!

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