Does Little Caesars Have Salads?

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Little Caesars has been a part of the pizza industry for over 50 years, and through the years, their menu has evolved to offer different dishes for their customers. While everybody knows Little Caesars for their iconic Hot-N-Ready pizzas, you may be wondering if Little Caesars also serves salads. The answer to this question is yes: Little Caesars does, in fact, offer salads.

Little Caesars' famous Italian Salad is made with crisp vegetables, pieces of pepperoni and zesty Italian dressing. This salad contains 320 calories and 15 grams of fat – making it a great alternative to some of the greasier options available at Little Caesars. This salad also fills you up without packing on too many calories – definitely a plus when it comes to dining out!

In addition to their Italian Salad, Little Caesars also offers two specialty salads: Caesar Salad and Garden Fresh Salad. The Caesar Salad is made with crispy romaine lettuce, croutons and parmesan cheese tossed in classic Caesar dressing – perfect for those looking for an extra crunch! And while it clocks in with 440 calories and 31 grams of fat per serving, it’s still a healthy option compared to some other food items available at Little Caesars.

Finally, the Garden Fresh salad gives customers a lighter take on dining at Little Caesars. Its main ingredients include diced tomatoes, fresh cucumbers, carrots and shaved cheese all topped off with Zesty Italian dressing – this salad only contains 160 calories per serving! It’s perfect for health-conscious customers who want something light on their stomach during lunch or dinner time.

To conclude, while many people flock to Little Ceasars Pizza for its famous Hot-N-Ready pizzas – the restaurant does indeed serve salads as well! Customers can choose from four different types of salads ranging from an Italian Salad to Garden Fresh Salad - giving diners more options when dining at this beloved pizza chain.

Does Little Caesars sell salad dressings?

When it comes to dining at Little Caesars, there’s no question that their pizzas are the star of the show. However, many customers may be wondering if they sell salad dressings as well. After all, Little Caesars offers an extensive variety of side salads to accompany their classic pizza choices.

The good news is that Little Caesars does indeed offer a selection of salad dressings for those who want to enjoy a side salad before digging into their delicious pies. You can choose from Italian, French, Ranch, Thousand Island and even Creamy Garlic Caesar to accompany your meal. These dressings are served on the side and not included with the meal unless you specifically ask for them which is nice so you can spend as much or as little dressing on your green goodness as you like!

Whether you’re just grabbing a single slice and a side salad to go or selecting multiple pizzas for your entire family, having tasty salad dressing options available at Little Caesars is always a plus. So go ahead and order your desired pieces of pizza pie along with a flavorful side salad without worrying about leaving without dressing options!

Are any of Little Caesars salads gluten free?

Many pizza fans appreciate Little Caesars for its quick, convenient, and affordable slices. But what about their salads? Is there an option that caters to those looking for a gluten-free meal? The answer is yes!

Little Caesars salads are indeed gluten free, giving those with allergies or other dietary restrictions the same delicious options as everyone else. The Italian Chopped Salad is particularly popular with customers who require a gluten free meal. This savory dish includes romaine lettuce, mozzarella cheese and fresh red cabbage blended with garlic croutons and the perfect amount of Italian dressing.

Customers can create their own customized salad as well if they would prefer to control the ingredients they consume. Little Caesars offers a selection of fresh vegetables and proteins to customize your own salad including diced pineapple, julienne cucumbers, grape tomatoes and more. Protein toppings include grilled chicken strips and diced ham. A variety of dressings are also available such as ranch, spinach artichoke Parmesan and creamy Greek feta dressing to ensure every salad suits personal tastes.

Overall, Little Caesars salads provide an array of delectable options for people looking for a wholesome but tasty meal that is also gluten free-friendly. Whether you opt for one of their pre-made salads or customize your own creation, Little Caesars allows you the same flavors enjoyed by everyone else at an affordable price point.

Does Little Caesars have healthy salads?

Little Caesars is best known for their delicious and affordable pizza, however, many people don’t know that you can also purchase refreshing and nutritious salads from Little Caesars. Yes, Little Caesars does have healthy salads as part of their menu! You can choose from grass-fed steak, chicken caesar, garden medley and veggie pizza salads - all of which are packed with fresh vegetables and a selection of nutritious meats so you can enjoy a guilt-free meal.

The steak salad boasts tomatoes, cucumbers, grilled all-natural steak, Romano cheese and croutons topped with the brand’s original-recipe caesar dressing. Meanwhile the chicken salad is composed of all-natural oven roasted chicken breast served on top of lettuce and tomatoes accompanied with creamy caesar or bacon balsamic vinaigrette. Both the garden medley and veggie pizza salad offer crisp Romaine lettuce covered in a variety of chunky vegetables like red onions, carrots and green peppers alongside Parmesan cheese shavings. All salads are topped with your pick of either caesar or bacon balsamic dressing for extra flavor.

So don't worry about missing out on the healthy snacks just because you decided to stop in to Little Caesars for a delicious pizza - you can find satisfying salads there as well!

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