Does O Charley's Still Have Free Pie Wednesday?

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The question of whether O’Charley’s still has Free Pie Wednesday is one that plagues the many fans of this classically southern restaurant chain.Fortunately, the answer is yes – O’Charley’s is continuing its tradition of offering customers a slice of either banana cream or Ooey Gooey Caramel pie for free every Wednesday! This promotion has been going on for more than two decades, so it looks like it’s here to stay.

It seems like free pie day should be great for business, but there are actually some benefits to both customers and restaurant owners. For customers, having a free pie gives people an incentive to visit the restaurant. After all, it can be hard to turn down something that is essentially "free." Not only that, but it increases customer loyalty in repeat visits – have a slice on Wednesday and maybe come back after work onFridayfor dinner. For business owners, this kind of promotion can be a great way to bring in potential new customers who can then hopefully become loyal customers in the future.

That said, there are a few conditions you should know before you head out to your local O' Charley’s hoping for free pie: firstly, you must make a purchase in order to qualify for the freebie; secondly, if you want two slices, you'll need two separate orders with two purchases; and thirdly, each person may only receive one slice per day (so don’t try to get greedy). All in all however this still remains an awesome deal - so why not take advantage of it? Head down your local O'Charley's and indulge your sweet tooth with a delicious slice of pie on Free Pie Wednesday!

Does O Charley's still offer free dessert on your birthday?

O Charley's is a beloved restaurant chain for many people, known for its excellent Southern-inspired cuisine and generous hospitality. For years, the restaurant has offered a particularly generous amenity to customers who visit on their birthdays: a free dessert. But does O Charley's still offer this? The answer is an emphatic yes!

The dessert of choice at O Charley’s varies from location to location—from classic favorites like apple pie to indulgent treats like chocolate truffle cake or Mississippi Mud Pie. All you have to do is present your valid photo ID on your birthday and you can enjoy a delicious sweet treat with your meal. Plus, you don't even have to dress up in order to get the complimentary dessert—just come as you are!

Now that we've established that O Charley's still offers free dessert on your birthday, let's talk about the hours of operation at each restaurant. Since most locations are open until 10 pm each night and start serving dinner around 3pm, it leaves a decent amount of time in which you can go celebrate your big day with a delicious slice or two of sugary heaven before closing time! Furthermore, the breakfast menu isn't offered after 11am so it’s best to stop by before then if you want to take advantage of the morning food selection.

At the end of the day, enjoy your special day with something sweet from O Charley’s —birthday desserts are guaranteed here!

Does O Charley's have a Happy Hour special on Wednesdays?

O Charley’s Happy Hour specials are a favorite among regulars in many locations, especially on Wednesday evenings. Known for its selection of American-style cuisine, O Charley's offers large portions for small prices. Plus, their weeknight specials provide even more value to customers’ meals.

The O Charley’s happy hour on Wednesday nights includes a variety of discounts and specials. Most notably, they offer discounted drink prices - including their specialty cocktails and drafts on tap - and half-price apps. All you need to do to access these great deals is stop by an O Charley's location between the hours of 3 and 6 PM local time (where available per state regulations).

This is a great deal for diners looking for tasty food at an affordable price. Plus, free refills are available Monday through Friday on most drinks – so you can save a few bucks while enjoying a cold drink Wednesday evening with your meal. These specials make dining out with friends or family during happy hour at O Charley's an excellent option for the evening.

Does O Charley's still offer a Kids Eat Free special on Wednesdays?

O Charley's answers the question with a resounding yes. Every Wednesday, kids 12 and under can receive a free kid's meal with the purchase of an adult entrée. The Kids Eat Free special at O Charley's is designed for parents and guardians to enjoy quality time with their families without breaking the bank.

It is easy to be sure you are getting the best prices on Wednesdays when dining out with your family; just check for the Kids Eat Free special at O Charley’s restaurants. However, even when it isn’t Wednesday night, there is always something on the menu that will satisfy everyone in your group while still keeping it budget friendly. At O Charley’s, they offer weeknight deals seven days a week, including their Monday night family meal. You get two full-size meals and two sides according to your choosing for only $15.99!

Regardless of what day you decide to dine at O Charley’s, you know you can make quality family time a priority without going over your budget. With their Kids Eat Free special on Wednesdays and Week Night Family Meal on Mondays, you can rest assured that keeping belly’s of all sizes happy doesn't have to take away from other important family activities or savings goals!

Are the Pie Wednesdays at O Charley's an ongoing promotion?

Pie Wednesdays at O Charley’s are a special offer that has enjoyed great popularity among diners, so it’s no surprise that people wonder if the deal will continue to run forever. The short answer is yes! Every Wednesday, customers can purchase a slice of their favorite pie and get one free.

O Charley’s has been offering this deal for several years and it remains as popular as ever. A visit to one of their locations on a Wednesday afternoon shows just how popular Pie Wednesdays can be. People flock from all around to partake in the deliciousness, from employees from nearby businesses to newlywed couples out for date night. It’s an easy way to get the dessert you crave without breaking the bank!

On top of providing an unbeatable deal, O Charley’s has also taken steps to make this promotion more accessible for everyone. They now offer delivery and carryout options, so customers who don't have time or ability can still take advantage of Pie Wednesdays in the comfort of their own homes.

So if you are looking for a delicious treat every Wednesday night, look no further than O Charley’s! Pie Wednesdays always promises excellent quality pies at an amazing price - a deal that seems set to continue indefinitely!

Are there any other weekly special deals offered at O Charley's?

Yes, in addition to the weekly special deal at O Charley's, the restaurant chain offers an array of options to choose from. Every Wednesday, customers can enjoy the variety of hand-crafted signature cocktails and sangrias at half-price. Thursday is Family Night at O Charley's, where kids eat free with each purchase of an adult entree. On Fridays and Saturdays, order $6 burgers on their Buckhead Burgers menu. Sundays are all about treating yourself with a sweet dessert from the Sweet Tooth Menu for just $5 each! On top of all that, there are also special birthday deals and a 10% military discount across the board for all retired or active-duty members of the armed forces.

O Charley's has something for everyone -- great food, deals and specials that make it fun to return time and time again. Between discounted drinks on Wednesdays and military discounts every day, O Charley's has an array of offers to keep customers coming back for more!

Does O Charley's offer any other discounts for pie on Wednesdays?

Yes, O Charley's offers a variety of discounts on pies on Wednesdays. Customers can receive up to 10% off their pie purchase by utilizing the O Charley's loyalty loyalty program, which rewards customers for their purchases with free and discounted items. Additionally, customers can sign up for the Pie and Pie Rewards program to receive 10% off every Wednesday when they purchase an over-sized piece of pie.

Additionally, O Charley's often offers discounts to members of the military. They offer a 10% discount off all food to members of the National Guard and veterans. This discount is available all year round on every day as long as you have a valid ID and order in store or online.

Finally, O Charley's provides deals through their app allowing customers to score bonus slices for free when they purchase certain pies like chocolate cream. They have tiered reward levels so customers can get bonus slices each time they level up. With each tier, the bonus slice gets bigger and better! So if you love pie but still want a great deal, O Charley’s has plenty of unique opportunities available to get more savings on Wednesdays!

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