Does Sonic Have a Fish Sandwich?

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Sonic Drive-In offers a wide selection of tasty treats and menu items to please a variety of palates. While the chain is known for its trademark burgers and shakes, many Sonic fans may be curious as to whether they have a fish sandwich available. The answer, it turns out, is yes!

Sonic serves up several varieties of fish sandwiches that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. From the classic Crispy Fish Sandwich, to the Southern Style Fish Sandwich, there’s something for everyone in this menu item. All Sonic fish sandwiches are served on toasted bakery buns with tartar sauce and pickles.

The Crispy Fish Sandwich features mild-flavored Alaskan pollock that's been deep-fried and topped with lettuce, pickles and tartar sauce. It provides customers with a crunchy exterior that yields a mild whitefish inside. For those looking for something with more kick, Sonic has the Southern Style Fish Sandwich featuring spicy whitefish with extra pickles that give the sandwich an extra jolt of flavor.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there at Sonic Drive-In. In addition to their classic Crispy and Southern Style varieties, nutritional fanatics can try out the Catfish Sandwich — a healthier version of fried fish served on whole wheat bread with mustard instead of tartar sauce. They also offer Hash Brown Bites loaded with protein providing customers with even more options to satisfy their seafood cravings while on the go!

So next time you find yourself craving some delicious fried seafood while out driving around town; be sure to check if your closest Sonic Drive-In has a fish sandwich – or two – waiting for you!

Does Sonic offer a fish burger?

"Fish on a burger? Yes!" Sonic, the fast-food burger chain, does indeed offer a classic fish burger as part of their menu. This burger is made with only the freshest ingredients and is a great source of nutrition. It has all the goodness of your favorite fish and chips but in a hamburger version.

The Sonic Fish Burger includes two juicy Filet-O-Fish patties nestled in a soft potato bun with tangy tartar sauce, sure to whet any appetite. Although it may sound like an unlikely combination, one bite and you’ll be hooked! Moreover, if you're after something more adventurous, you can customize your burger by adding some cheese or bacon for an extra kick!

Sonic provides an excellent fish burger experience without costing an arm or leg in comparison to its competitors. You can enjoy this classic creation with your favorite fries and drinks for a balanced meal that pleases all without breaking the bank for those seeking a low-cost alternative to greasy burgers from other joints. So if you’re looking for comfort food that won’t put too much strain on your wallet, Sonic is worth checking out!

What fish sandwich does Sonic serve?

Sonic's fish sandwich offerings offer a variety of flavors and textures that are sure to please everyone. One of the most popular options is their Crispy Fish Sandwich, which comes with a tempura-battered and fried fish filet, melted American cheese, creamy tartar sauce and your choice of lettuce on a lightly toasted sesame seed bun. The ingredients marry together perfectly to produce a classic, yet modern flavor combination.

Alternatively, those wanting something slightly different should consider opting for the Double Crunch Shrimp Sandwich instead. The sandwich features two golden brown butterfly shrimp topped with crunchy slaw and a sweet and spicy chili tartar sauce served on an artisan style bun for an abundance of flavour.

Finally, health conscious customers should check out Sonic's Grilled Tilapia Sandwich. This lighter option replaces your standard fried patty with two boneless grilled tilapia fillets served with tomatoes, lettuce and tarter sauce to give it that fish sandwich flavor you crave without all the addition fat from frying.

No matter what your preference, Sonic has got you covered with their selection of fish sandwiches packed full or amazing flavors that won't disappoint!

Is Sonic's fish sandwich made with real fish?

When Sonic Drive-In first released its iconic seafood offering, the fish sandwich, customers everywhere were eager to find out what makes this delicious meal tick. Going so far as to beg the all-important question: is Sonic's Fish Sandwich really made with real fish?

The answer is a resounding yes! Sonic's Fish Sandwich is made with a wild-caught Alaskan Pollock fillet that is shaped into a delightful patty filled with crispy breading. As an added bonus, the sandwich comes on a perfectly toasted bun of your choice, topped with creamy tartar sauce and dill pickles for a unique and delicious flavor.

Not only does Sonic offer high-quality ingredients in its menu items, but it also takes steps to ensure that the fish used in its Fish Sandwich isn't just fresh, but sustainably sourced too. All fish patties are marine stewardship certified (MSC) and 100% sustainably sourced from only verified MSC fisheries or suppliers. Understandably, when you enjoy one of these scrumptious sandwiches at home or in your car, you can be sure that it's responsibly caught and of top quality.


In short - yes! Sonic's fish sandwich is definitely made with real fish and its quality ingredients ensure that customers get the best possible experience along with their meal every single time. So next time you are feeling for a seafood fix you can feel good about ordering the irresistible Fish Sandwich from Sonic Drive-In!

Is Sonic's fish sandwich cooked to order?

It's no secret that Sonic is famous for their tasty and unique menu items. One of the more popular menu items sold at Sonic locations is their fish sandwich. While it has become beloved by many patrons, one question lingers in the minds of many – is Sonic's fish sandwich cooked to order?

The answer is an emphatic yes! When you place your order at a Sonic location, your fish sandwich is cooked fresh in-house before being served up to you. This means you know that every bite of your fish sandwich will be fresh and delicious! Plus, if you customize or add any extra ingredients to your fish sandwich; those additions are also added on top of your patty before it’s cooked – ensuring every bite of your customized creation tastes great!

If you get a craving for a juicy, flavorful fish sandwich from Sonic, rest assured that you can order knowing that each and every one is freshly cooked on-site just for you. By understanding this information, you can feel even better about making Sonic your “go-to” spot whenever the craving strikes.

What are the ingredients in Sonic's fish sandwich?

Sonic’s fish sandwich is a classic fast food favorite and has been around for over two decades. Craving this iconic sandwich? With the right ingredients, you can make one right at home!

This delicious and crunchy sandwich includes a full piece of white fish fillet. It contains ingredients like wheat flour, water, yeast, salt and spices to enhance the flavor profile. To make the Fish Sandwich really stand out, SONIC adds their proprietary breading mix created from an age-old recipe with special seasonings that adds crunch to every bite.

The secret to Sonic's sensational sandwich lies in the way their fish fillet is cooked - it's battered and fried to crispy perfection for that classic fast-food experience. Inside the crisp coating lies a juicy flaky white fish that pairs perfectly with Sonic's secret tartar sauce made with pickles, capers and vinegar. Rounding out this classic combo is a soft sesame seed bun, perfect for making sure none of that delicious seafood goodness escapes!

For seafood lovers everywhere, this is one classic fish sandwich you won't soon forget. Now you know what goes into Sonic's famed Fish Sandwich - next time your craving hits, you can make one from scratch!

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