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With so many great items on the Sonic menu, it’s easy to overlook their fantastic selection of sauces. As the perfect accompaniment to your meal and snack items, these sauces will take your Sonic experience from good to great.

They have quite a few classic condiments and dipping sauces available, including ketchup, honey mustard and tartar sauce. For a zing of flavor in your meal or snack item, try their delicious Cajun dippin’ sauce or creamy ranch dressing. If you want something sweet after your burger or hot dog, add some of their tasty marmalade jams & jellies. These sauces make for great dipping combinations for tater tots, chicken strips and other snacks too!

Of course with any burger joint worth its salt (or ketchup!), an amazing burger calls for an amazing special sauce — and Sonic delivers there too! With options like Zesty Sauce and Signature Sauce available on certain burgers – these two specialties are guaranteed to drive you crazy with flavor overload! They also offer mayo-based slaw dressings that are perfect when incorporating into wraps or salads; they come in bistro-style herb-garlic flavors which will leave you wanting more. Last but not least is the Banana Ketchup made specially by Sonic – this signature condiment can liven up desserts as well as sandwiches with its unique taste sensation - always sure to be a crowd pleaser!

So if you're looking for some flavorful options to spice up or dip with your favorite meals at sonic then look no further — they have all kinds of delightful sauces just waiting for you!

What types of condiments does Sonic offer?

If you're looking for the perfect condiments to top off your favorite Sonic menu item, look no further! Sonic offers a variety of condiments that are sure to tantalize your taste buds. Whether you're looking for something spicy or sweet, they have something to satisfy everyone.

The classic, timeless condiments found at Sonic include ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise. Ketchup and mustard can be used as a simple staple on a burger or hotdog, while mayonnaise adds tangy flavor to sandwiches and sides like French fries. They also offer jalapeño ranch sauce - adding just the right amount of heat with creamy textures and flavors that'll keep you coming back for more.

Barbecue sauce is another great option if you're in the mood for some zesty barbecue flavors on chicken tenders or burgers. From smoky chipotle BBQ sauce to classic hickory-smoke BBQ sauces – pairing these options with your favorite food from Sonic will definitely add some extra flavor twist!

For those who enjoy sweetness with their savory meal choices – different honey mustard sauces are available! The distinctive combination of sweet and tangy give great depth in flavor; making it ideal for wraps or salads when you’re in search of something both light yet flavorful. And if that’s not enough - various other accompaniments such as tartar sauce, Thousand Island dressing (a must-have on chili cheese dogs), salsa verde (perfectly crafted Zapata Sauce!), garlic dipping sauce and mango habanero chili pepper complements many popular menus items found at Sonic locations across the country.

So next time when visiting any one of many Sonic locations across America - don't forget to try out all these unique condiment offerings! Whether it's trying out traditional staples such as ketchup & mustard duo or sampling different versions of honey mustards; they all provide great additions towards creating more enjoyable meals anytime at this drive-in paradise!

What flavors of dipping sauces does Sonic provide?

If you’re looking for a delicious way to dip your favorite Sonic treats, then you’re in luck! Sonic offers a variety of tantalizing dipping sauces to complete whatever snack or meal you order. From sweet and savory options, to tangy and creamy dipping sauces – there’s something for everyone!

Some of the most popular flavors available at Sonic include Creamy Ranch, Honey Mustard, BBQ sauce, Ketchup, Sweet and Sour sauce, Horseradish sauce, Salsa Verde and Sweet Chili Sauce. All of these flavorful combinations will make your meal even more enjoyable. Whether it is for fries or chicken strips - there’s nothing quite like a side of mouth-watering sauce.

In addition to the standard flavors mentioned above - Sonic also has some unique dipping sauces not typically offered elsewhere such as Cucumber Wasabi ranch dressing and an amazing Parmesan Peppercorn Ranch dip. Both offer the perfect combination of creamy goodness with just the right amount of spice.

Not sure which flavor is right for you? No need to worryY - Sonic allows customers to sample each one so you can decide what will compliment your meal best. So come down and give it a try today! You deserve a tasty food adventure that only Sonic could provide

What topping selections does Sonic offer?

Sonic Drive-In is an American fast food restaurant chain known for its iconic offers of tasty, made-to-order meals with signature twists. But in addition to their amazing entrees, Sonic is also well-known for its vast topping selections – from delicious classic items like lettuce and tomatoes to unusual options like sliced jalapenos and crushed grape jelly. The possibilities are truly endless!

When it comes to toppings, Sonic has something for every customer. For those who prefer traditional combinations on their burgers and sandwiches, there’s plenty to choose from including pickles, onions, mayonnaise, ketchup and more. If you’re looking for something different there’s still lots of possibilities available such as mushrooms, cheese sauces or even fried onions and bacon – among many others. Sweet tooth fans can also get creative by generating fun combinations such as adding strawberries or Fritos onto their buns instead too!

Not only does Sonic offer a wide variety of condiments but they also have just about any type of fresh vegetable you could want too - from crunchy cabbage slaw to sweet pineapple slices - each one can be customized for the ultimate individualized meal experience. On top of that it's easy to make your creation vegan friendly with options like bean sprouts or eggplant strips too!

At the end of the day Sonic's decades long legacy means that you'll never run out topping combinations no matter how many times you visit them! So why not swing by today and build a meal that caters perfectly towards your individual taste buds?

Does Sonic serve barbecue sauce?

When it comes to fast food, very few chains are as beloved and iconic as Sonic. The restaurant's classic menu has tantalized tastebuds for decades, with its unique shake flavors, same-day onion rings, and deliciously old fashioned burgers. Yet for a fast food franchise with such an expansive menu, one question still remains - does Sonic serve barbecue sauce?

The answer is: yes! Starting in 2019 and rolled out across their locations nationwide in 2020, Sonic has officially added BBQ sauce to its full-service menu line-up. Whether you're getting a burger or taking advantage of the "all you can eat tater tots" special (yes this exists!), all your favorite items will now taste even better when smothered in sweet & smoky BBQ sauce.

As of right now (May 2021) the BBQ sauce selection at Sonic is limited exclusively to Sweet Baby Ray's original flavor; however customers have noticed that they often vary from location to location. You may also find different types available depending on which condiment bar your store offers as well - so don't be afraid to ask! Fortunately though you'll often get unlimited refills on your tasty BBQ so no matter what kind is available you can sauces it up with Wild 'N Mild or Honey Hickory depending on the occasion.

So if you're looking for some finger lickin' good options next time your stomach starts grumbling at a drive thru line – make sure that look out for that telltale container of Sweet Baby Ray's left out at the condiment station (or just ask!). After all nothing says summer like a juicy burger melt drizzled in tangy BBQ – except maybe eating outside with cool breeze…but hey nothing wrong waking up those taste buds first before settling under some shade tree!

What sauces are included with Sonic's combo meals?

If you’re looking for variety and flavor when it comes to your Sonic combo meal, then look no further! Sonic proudly serves up delicious combos with a variety of sauces that can be added to your order. Whether you choose Deluxe Burgers, Wacky Pack Kids Meals, Footlong Quarters Pound Coneys or Corn Dogs – there are tons of tasty combinations with an array of complimentary sauces.

The classic burger combos come with mayonnaise or ketchup packets along with mustard packets for adding flavor throughout your meal. If you’re in the mood for some zing, add their tangy Signature Sauce made from a secret blend of spices and citrus flavors - perfect particularly if you have chosen the Bacon Cheeseburger Combos! If a little sweet heat is more what you’re after try their smokin' Sweet & Spicy Bacon sauce which adds just the right amount of spice and sweetness that goes perfectly over crispy crinkle-cut fries or tater tots.

Subs come standard with creamy Ranch Dressing but also offer Buttermilk Ranch Dressing as well mouthwatering marinara options - perfect if you opt in for a 100% Pure Beef Quarter Pound Coney or Grilled Chicken Sub combo meals. You can even take it up notch by pouring on their signature Honey Mustard sauce adding even more flavor to your foot-long sub sandwich choice.

Sonic also offers BBQ variation options for its famous Corn Dogs, so make sure to ask about signature BBQ Sauce options (or any other accompanying sauces) when placing an order at any one of our more than 3, 600 locations nationwide — we guarantee there won't be any disappointment in taste! No matter which option is chosen, finishing off that scrumptious combo meal is easy and fulfilling at Sonic – now sit back, relax and enjoy all deliciousness ensue!

Does Sonic offer ketchup and mustard?

Sonic, the beloved drive-in restaurant, is famous for its tasty burgers and slushies. While you may think they only offer their signature condiments like their tangy Coney sauce or MidTexas dressing, there is good news - Sonic offers both ketchup and mustard!

Ketchup and mustard are available at all Sonic locations upon request. Next time you visit your local Sonic be sure to ask for a packet of each so you can dress up your burger with that classic flavor combo. For those looking to really elevate their meal experience, try topping off your burger with some of Sonic's inventive sauces like Kreamy Krisket or Caveman Sauce.

No matter what type of condiment suits your taste buds best, Sonic has something to tantalize them. From grilled onions and bacon bits to extra cheese slices and jalapenos - get what you need to make that next meal special!

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