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Schlotzsky’s signature sauce is a secret recipe, developed in 1971 and perfected over the years since then. It is a creamy, tangy blend of mayonnaise, sour cream, chilies, spanish spices. Worchestershire sauce and zesty lemon that combines perfectly with Schlotzky’s handmade deli-style sandwiches.

This signature sauce is also used as a spread on many popular Schlotzky’s pizzas. Customers love that the combination of these ingredients adds a flavorful edge to each bite they take. And those same customers know that it’s something only found at Schlotzsky’s!

In addition to its great taste, this signature sauce is easily identifiable by its bright yellow-orange color – so bright that you can spot it through any individual sandwich wrapper packaging or pizza box in a restaurant kitchen….and also in every Grocery Store chain across the United States!

The combination of this unique coloring plus the unique flavors mentioned has helped enable Schlotzsky's signature sauce to become one of the most renowned sauces among casual dining industry experts around the country. It's easy to see why this great recipe has become an iconic part of dining experiences everywhere - and why customers often ask for a side order of extra or to-go for their own later enjoyment at home!

What ingredients are in Schlotzsky's signature sauce?

The Schlotzsky’s Deli signature sauce is well known for its iconic flavorful taste and wonderful tangy zip. But what ingredients go into this delicious sauce? Many people are curious to find out.

This signature sauce contains several key ingredients, such as mayonnaise, horseradish, Worcestershire sauce and lots of spices. Specifically, it includes ground black pepper, cayenne pepper, paprika and garlic powder. All of these are blended together to create the perfect mixture of tangy and spicy flavor. The secret ingredient that takes it to another level is their unique and bold anchovy paste that gives it a touch of brininess coupled with a hint of smoke.

Schlotzsky’s has not changed their recipe for their signature sauce in the forty-five plus years since they first opened and served deli sandwiches using it. So no matter where in the world you get one of their sandwiches you can bet on enjoying the same taste that has been enjoyed by others over the years - a winning combination of mayonnaise based ingredients with an assortment of spices and seasonings including their special anchovy paste secret ingredient!

What makes Schlotzsky's signature sauce unique?

Schlotzsky's signature sauce is undeniably unique compared to most restaurant sauces out there. It is creamy and zingy with a subtle hint of sweetness, making it irresistible and highly sought after.

What makes it so special are the blend of ingredients used. Rather than using an ordinary mayonnaise or mustard base, this creamy concoction includes Italian dressing, sour cream, and many other mysterious spices that remain a closely guarded secret. This combination of tangy and sweet flavors gives Schlotzsky's signature sauce crave-able depth - no wonder so many people request extra with their sandwich!

In addition to its tantalizing taste, the sauce continues to be a hit because of its versatility. Fries can be dressed up with a generous drizzle, sandwiches slathered to perfection or even served as a dip for raw vegetables--it's up to you! With its delicious flavor profile and numerous uses, Schlotzsky’s signature sauce stands out as the ideal condiment for any occasion!

How long has Schlotzsky's signature sauce been around?

Schlotzsky's signature sauce is an icon in the world of cuisine, as it has been around for almost as long as the restaurant itself. Schlotzsky's first opened its doors in 1971, offering customers a unique take on traditional deli-style sandwiches with their delicious and unique sauces. Though the original sandwich was served with a special mayonnaise-based sauce, Schlotzsky's signature sauce has been around since the restaurant's founding days.

The signature sauce was actually created by an individual hired to help with food preparation at Schlotzsky's. Former employee, Sylvia Guido, spent several months toiling away in the kitchen working to perfect a sauce that could capture all of the fresh flavors of ingredients and satisfy customers that kept coming back for more. After months of experimenting and testing, Sylvia developed a hot and tangy creamy mustard and mayonnaise-based sauce that embraced subtly smoky flavors of barbeque and cracked black pepper — it endures as one of Schlotzsky’s most beloved flavor combinations to this day.

Since its inception in 1971, Schlotzsky’s signature sauce has become synonymous with their iconic sandwiches; tantalizing taste buds all over the world for nearly fifty years! So next time you reach for that deliciously zesty and flavorful sandwich from Schlotzky's be sure to thank Sylvia Guido for her efforts in crafting this timeless condiment — you won't regret it!

What kind of flavor does Schlotzsky's signature sauce have?

Schlotzsky's signature sauce is a classic flavor that has been enjoyed for generations. This bold, tangy, and zingy bistro-style condiment has just the right amount of heat to awaken all the flavors on your sandwich. It's also excellent when added to chips or tacos!

At its core, Schlotzsky's signature sauce is a mayonnaise-based emulsion, with hints of capers, mustard, garlic, anchovies and Worcestershire added to it. The combination creates an intense and flavorful blend with a savory garlic bite. The overall taste has a tartness that is not overly acidic. The tingle created by the garlic gives the sauce an unmistakable kick that lingers on your tongue after each bite!

When applied to a classic Schlotzsky's sandwich, the combination of smokey meats, veggies and cheese pair perfectly with the bold and salty flavor of the infamous sauce. The Schlotzsky’s original also comes with lettuce and tomatoes; their freshness pairs nicely with the spiciness from the secret recipe sauce! Whether it’s over chips or a hamburger bun – you can be sure that Schlotzsky’s signature sauce will give you an unforgettable and delicious dining experience.

Is Schlotzsky's signature sauce healthy?

Schlotzsky’s signature sauce could be considered a healthy option when it comes to fast-food condiments, if used in moderation. According to the nutrition label, Schlotzsky’s signature sauce comprises of simple ingredients: tomato puree, sugar, vinegar, salt and spices.

It has no artificial coloring or preservatives, so it is free of unhealthy additives. Furthermore, the sugar content is minimal at just three grams per serving and it's lower than other sauces on the market. The salt levels are also quite low at around 160 mg per tablespoon.

However, despite being relatively low in sodium and sugar content its high fat component may become an issue when consuming in excess. A tablespoon contains almost 10 grams of fat that come from virgin olive oil as well as grape seed oil - both considered as healthy sources of fat as long its consumed sparingly because they are high in calories. All in all, Schlotzsky's signature sauce can make a healthier choice than many other condiments found on restaurant menus when consumed wise wisely and carefully.

Is Schlotzsky's signature sauce vegan-friendly?

Schlotzsky’s signature sauce is a tantalizingly tasty combination of ranch and Italian spices that proves why Schlotzsky’s sandwiches have remained a firm favorite since the 70's.

But for many people following a vegan lifestyle, is Schlotzsky’s signature sauce vegan-friendly? The short answer is no, Schlotzsky’s signature sauce contains buttermilk leave it off the list of vegan condiments. However, this doesn’t mean vegans have to completely miss out on the classic flavors. Instead, there are some ways to enjoy the popular sandwich for those with dietary restrictions.

The good news is that customers can purchase tangy and zingy ‘vegan friendly’ sauces from Schlotzsky’s like their fiesta salsa or calorie-free flavor options such as honey mustard and sweet and sour on their sandwiches instead of the signature sauce. All of these sauces are plant-based and perfectly complement their delicious Sandwiches without leaving vegans feeling left out!

Additionally, if you want to replicate a flavorsome sandwich at home with your vegan ingredients, you could always experiment by using hummus or herb creamy sauces as substitutes for their signature sauce. Whatever your choice is going to be, there are myriad of options for creating some scrumptious vegan sandwiches to help you curb that sandwich craving in an animal-friendly way!

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